Every season four huge posters make their way high into the rafters on the east side of Albertson's Stadium for all to see as they travel Broadway or tailgate in the parking lot.

In past years the posters featured key Boise State players but this year there is a whole new theme.

If you read the posters left to right, the first  message is One-Team, One City, One Goal.

That poster say's a ton about the focus of this years Boise State football team. The game will always be about individuals but the results will always be about team.

Results that are indicated in the four posters.

One-Team, One City, One Goal

19 Conference Championships

19 Bowl Appearances

3 Fiesta Bowl Championships

Boise State is all about team and goals in 2019 hoping to be on the road to a 20th conference title, a 20th bowl appearance and maybe even a 4th Fiesta Bowl crown.

Boise State is just over two weeks to the season opener August 31st vs. Florida State in Jacksonville, Florida.