After 13 weeks of Bronco Football could the Idaho football gods be shining on us? A bowl game is in the future for both Boise State and the University Of Idaho. Could it be though...a BSU vs U of I bowl game. This is just too good to be true. 

This in-state rivalry has been on the back burner since the last meeting of the two teams back in 2010. Many have been pinning for another game, but it has never looked like a possibility. The Bronco's have been soooo good, and the Vandals have had there struggles and coaching changes that have hindered any type of winning season. Although...this year. 2016 could be THE year that the North and the South meet again. According to "research" put together from scenarios that have been heavly vetted this is what NBCSports has come up with. The Vandals of The University of Idaho would meet the Boise State Bronco's in the Arizona Bowl 

Who's ready to pack your bag and head south to see an instate Idaho rivalry that is bound to be a game to remember.